Sometimes, we find a thing we're good at. For some, it could be painting. For others, perhaps it's poetry. Maybe it's pruning apple trees or doing the dishes.

For me, it was writing.

Granted, I'm not a virtuoso of any sorts. And there are things I'm better at. Music, dancing, singing, those are things that I'd consider myself gifted with. (In varying degrees...)

But writing helps me to unlock something beautiful. I'm not sure if I'm at all an eloquent speaker, I'll leave that for others to judge. I like using big words, turning a clever phrase, constructing a sentence that makes you think. However, that all needs some preplanning on my part. I can't just spout off witticisms off the top of my head (usually). And I can't always find the right words to say to someone who needs them.

When I'm writing, though, things start to change. At least, in my mind they do. Writing allows me to think. It's helped me not to be afraid to talk about that which is important. Namely, things that matter. Religion comes to mind. It seems to flow and words start to spill out that might not have before. Call it a good education, practice, what-have-you; I'm calling it grace.

This grace helps me to talk. It helps me to share. It helps me to teach if I dare. (Pardon the rhyme.)

Whatever the case and whether it's true or not, I'll leave that for you to decide. As for me, I intend to use it as best I can. That way, I can try to "help" God with what He does best:

Spreading the Light.

Welcome to Lux Filii, Light of the Son.

(There's something you should know, I am not a teacher. I have not studied theology, though I do have two brothers in the seminary. I'm not a priest, pastor, monk, or anything. I'm just me, a teenager trying to figure things out. Therefore, take everything I say, with appropriate caution. We're not talking with a grain of salt, we're talking liberal dashes of the stuff. I'd hate to lead someone on the wrong path.) 



  1. I was super intrigued by the fact that your blog address is in Latin. Wish I had thought of that for mine--I love latin!! I am also a Christian blogger who finds Faith the best subject for writing. Glad somebody else out there does.

    1. Yes, I started Latin this school year, and already I love it almost more than English! One of my favorite things to do with it, is to try and write stories entirely in Latin. It's so much fun and it forces me to think creatively within my limited vocabulary of Latin.

      Indeed! This whole blog has been a great way for me to open up about my faith. I find it a good way to stretch my comfort zone a little more, and make it easier to talk about things that truly matter.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey! I find your blog through Jonathan Trout, and have been reading it for a bit of time now, but I haven't commented yet! So hi! I'm Hann :)

    I've just got a quick question: what exactly does Lux Filii mean? (Before I sound completely stupid, I'm going to take a guess and say it means Son of light?)

    1. Hello Hann!

      Lux Filii is Latin for: "Light of the Son"

      Lux = Light

      Filii = Filius, possessive = of the Son

      Hmm, you know, I'm pretty sure almost all of my followers have hopped over from Jonathan's. :D Thanks for reading!

  3. Ahh... So I guessed correctly! That's cool, and a very nice name :)


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